Private Transportation Playa del Carmen

Private transportation services in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.   Enjoy private tours and the comfort of not having to go from hotel to hotel picking up strangers.   Ask to include your favorite drinks on board to make the ride more enjoyable for your group.


Benefits of Private Transportation vs Shuttle or Nonprivate Transportation

  1. No need to go from hotel to hotel or stop to stop to pick up strangers.  Save precious time and do not waste unnecessarily on extra stops and drives. 
  2. Cater to a better service to your group to not feel like sheep while trying to enjoy your vacation.
  3.  Enjoy private tours with your desired pick up times and not set by organized nonprivate tours.
  4. Enjoy drinks onboard your private transportation.
  5. Have the flexibility to stay a bit longer in your private tour or visit another place. 
  6. Pick a top restauarant to eat at to visit while on your private tour.


6 + 10 =

Why Private Transportation

Get your private transportation to any of your already booked activities or into town.   There are activities like yacht rentals, bar crawls and other activities that usually do not include transportation.   So free to contact us to get a quick quote and let us take your group to your destination with the comfort you deserve.   There are different transportation methods but hiring private transportation will save you time, hassle and unnecessary headaches in your vacation.

  • Taxis have different prices and depending on if you look like a tourist they might overcharge you, especially if you tell them to wait to get you back.
  • Colectivos leave when they are almost full but getting pick up to come back to Playa, you run the risk that they are full on the way back.  Waiting sometimes 30mins -45mins to catch one back.
  • ADO buses only stop and leave from bus stations, great if you are going from one city to another but not for any other reason.
  • Car rental companies require a credit card that holds at least 1000 USD and they want to charge you too much on the insurance.

So let one of our local drivers take you to your destination safe and on time and personalize your trip with drinks and different destinations along the way.


 Types of Private Transportation


Private Buses

To cater to the larger group’s needs and enjoy the ride in one unit for everyone.


For smaller groups and easier access to areas and locations, usually, for up to 14 people max. 


More comfortable and luxurious ride and for small groups.  Perfect for 4 people and under an SUV is the way to go. 


for the occasion and a luxury transportation trip or celebration.  A limousine or limo rental is the way to go in for your celebration.


Enjoy your private transportation in Playa del Carmen whether luxury or just a regular and more comfortable option for your group.   Playa del Carmen Private Transportation to enjoy your vacation even more.