Cenote Dos Ojos

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Cenote Dos Ojos or “Two Eyes Cenote” one of the most popular and majestic spots to do cave diving in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.  It has one of the longs or largest cave systems to enjoy a day diving and some snorkeling.  The reason for the name is because there is two amazing sinkholes that form this formation of about 72 meters wide and connected to about 450 meters of an underground river or passage. Amazing for diving and exploring the rock formations and the crystal clear waters.  Located 3 km off  Highway 307, north from Tulum and 50 km south from Playa del Carmen.   You can get here by public transportation like the “Colectivos”, private transportation or private cenote tours.

Information For Visitors of Dos Ojos

Hours: Monday – Sunday 8am – 5pm

Price:  Entry fee of 200 Mexican pesos

Equipment: Snorkeling Gear is about 100 Mexican Pesos

A few recommendations:

  • Bring food since there is nowhere to buy here but they do have picnic tables where you can organize your own food
  • Bring extra money in case you want to do a guided snorkeling tour or diving
  • Either private transportation or private tour recommended since sometimes is difficult to catch a “Colectivo” or public transportation back

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What is a Cenote

The Mayans believed cenotes were passages to the underworld since they are underground and dark. They held ceremonies for cleansing since you need it to be pure and clean to pass and be allowed in.  They believed otherwise or if you were a girl the cave will collapse and close.  They are underground rivers that for caves and vein passages of amazing water currents.   Form of stalactites and stalagmites that make for an amazing dive and snorkeling, kilometers of passages to be seeing.   Some cave with bats flying above you and the light of broken holes by the roots of the trees where the light beams enter the caves.  

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Other Recommended  Cenotes

As you already know there are different types of cenotes around the Yucatan Peninsula with different concepts each.  Some more of an open water concept others, caves, and some drop holes for diving with over  70 meters de\ep.


Chaak Tun Cenote 

A hidden wonder of Playa del Carmen, not many tourists get to pass all the tourist traps of cenotes to get to explore this wonderful low lit cave.  3 Cenotes in one for a 4-hour visit to really indulge in the cave world and explore the hidden secrets of a cenote.  You can enjoy the sound of the bats flying over your head and sleep in the cave.  Even though some people might be scared of bats even though they don’t do anything.  It is amazing to see this in nature, how they go out to get fruits and drop the seeds in the water that the fish eat.  



Cenote Azul 

 More of an open concept, like a mini lake to come and spend all day.  You can tan on the dock, jump off the 50 ft cliff into the water or just swim around.  A perfect place for a picnic, day adventure with friends or just a visit to see the beauty of nature.  If you come here do not forget to ask for its second cenote which not many people know about.    They have a second cenote inside a house that it is even more beautiful and you can a pass for both cenotes and spend some hours in one and other hours in the other. 

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In comparison to all of the recommended cenotes and all the ones in the area.  Cenote Dos Ojos is from far the most complete cenote to visit.  Between all the options inside the Dos Ojos, you have all the concepts in one.   The open concept of lake-like, Caves to swim in and snorkel, and two holes and channels of water to dive in.