Methods of Transportation

Methods of Transportation

Playa del Carmen Transportation Options

  • There are different options of transportation in Playa del Carmen, depending on your needs, size of group, and budget.  You can go from doing public transportation and shuttles to private luxury transportation like limousines, party buses, and even car rentals.

Playa del Carmen Private Transportation

Hire your private transportation.

Get to your destination in the Riviera Maya at peace and enjoy and relax even more with our friendly, professional drivers.

With airport pickups, private drivers, shuttles, luxury transportation, private tours, and pickups anywhere in the Riviera Maya

Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen private driver.

Avoid the taxi scams at Cancun airport

How to get from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen?

even though there are different ways to get to your destination.  From buses, shuttles, and taxis.  You have to watch yourself not to get overcharged.  Sometimes the safest and easiest way is to book your transportation in advance.

From 89 usd per private van from aiport to playa del carmen.  The driver will receive you with a sign of you name at the airpot

Cancun Airport to Tulum transportaion

How to get from Cancun Airport to Tulum?

Tulum, close to 1 1/2 hours from the airport of Cancun Mexico.  It is best recommened to book transportation in advance.   

No stops like the shuttles, no waiting for the bus and no over charged fees like the taxes. A private van for your group for 149 usd one way.

Playa del Carmen To Tulum driver

How to get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum?

There are public mini vans or called Collectivos that go every 15 mins to from Playa del Carme Tulum if you are not on a rush, but it could get annoying trying to catch one back.  On the way back and with all the stops they make along the way at the resorts to collect employees.

Maybe the best option for your group is to have your own private driver.  Either to drop you off and pick you up or to stay and drive your group around.

Tulum to Playa del Carmen transportation

How to get from Tulum to Playa del Carmen?

The colectivos going there leave from closer to the ruins of Tulum which you have to find you way there to cacht them.  Also they are usually packed and making stops along the way in every resort entry for empleyees pick up and droped off.

If you are going for the day to Tulum with your group it might be best to hired a van that can take you with no stops, no waitings, no rush and can wait for you there to bring you back.

Why choose our drivers

Enjoy the customer service, friendly attitude, and safety of our drivers and vehicles to get you to your designated spot with a big smile.

Professional Private Drivers

Safety, security, and customer service on our drivers is a priority.

Clean Vehicles

Our vehicles get clean and disinfected after each drive and service.

Large Transportation Fleet

With a large fleet of transportation vehicles to choose from.  From limousines, buses to mini vans.

Private Tour Options

Enjoy private tours in the Playa del Carmen area and Riviera Maya for your group with tour guides and private transportation.  Private yachts, Chichen itza and more.

Private Playa del Carmen Transportation |Vans, Buses, and Limousines

For all your private driving needs, there is private transportation like vans, buses, and limousines for more luxurious rides or celebrations. If you have been to the Riviera Maya you will know that a lot of resorts are scattered throughout the beach coastline.  Therefore there is limited transportation available to get anywhere from there. Some groups have been already here.  For any private tours know that is better to book activities and transportation in advance.  Since transportation is not always available instantly you might end up paying way too much for a taxi ride.

There are private vans that usually have a capacity of 13 -14 people max for private tours or to get from one place to another from your resorts or any other location.  Again they are best to be booked in advance, especially in high season.

There is also an option of buses for bigger groups, which end up saving you a bit of money.  Usually better than hiring vans and they are great to have all the group in one unit.

For a more luxurious experience, there is also Limousines available.  For a more high-end clientele or a unique celebration.  With champagne service or any of your liquor preferences available to make your trip an even more enjoyable one.  Just a high-end experience on wheels, taking you to any part of the Riviera Maya.   Whether for airport pick-ups or for any location in the area, a limo is a way to go.

Playa del Carmen Bus Station

Playa del Carmen has 2 bus stations where different lines of buses operate from including the ADO buses.  One is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen right on 5th ave and Juarez st.  Almost where 5th ave starts and right in front of the only church on 5th ave.   Making it easy and accessible if you are staying in the city or close to it.  Even though you can walk to most places from here in Playa del Carmen downtown.  The bus station also has a taxi stop in case you are not staying close to the downtown area and ready to take you anywhere else in the city.

ADO Transportation Buses in Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen you also have ” ADO buses ” that can take you from and to airport of Cancun  You can grab these buses to different cities around the southern part of Mexico.  Leaving almost every 15 mins to a different destination to save you the hustle of renting a car or driving to another city or location including Cancun.  Leaving from both the bus stations in Playa del Carmen for your convenience.  The ADO buses are well equipped with TVs, very comfortable seats to sleep on, clean, secure to travel on, and very accessible around the area.  These are a fantastic option for Playa del Carmen transportation services.

ADO Buses from the airport

With the accessibility of the ADO buses, is very easy to catch one of these from or to the airport of Cancun.  Leaving every hour to Playa del Carmen and the Cancun Hotel Zone.  Always waiting for you at terminal 3,  as you come out of the airport.  You will find the bus stand to your right in the parking lot, where you can buy tickets.  This is where you board the buses as well, going to different destinations. Note that some shuttles or taxi drivers might try to tell you that there are no more buses or that they are not leaving from there to get you to hire their services.

ADO Buses Cancún

The ADO buses are also located at the Cancun bus station, where they drop you off from the airport.  This is the drop off from Playa del Carmen or any other city they are coming from to Cancun.  The Cancun bus station is located in the downtown area a bit away from the Hotel Zone.  From here, you must grab a different bus or taxi to get to the tourist area or Hotel Zone of Cancun.  It is about 15-20 min public bus ride away from here or a 10 min taxi drive to most of the resorts and hotels located in Cancun.

Taxi Tansportation in Playa

There is plenty of taxis in Playa del Carmen with stops all over the city for your convenience.  Including every hotel ready to take you to where you want to go whether a bar, restaurant, tour, another city or the airport of Cancun.

Just a recommendation, always ask your taxi how much will it be to take you where you want to go.  Since traveling as a tourist, taxis have more elevated prices for you and you might want to know if you agree on the price or not before jumping in there.  Also for larger groups, you might want to consider looking into a private transportation van or bus to save money and have your group be in one or fewer units traveling.

Colectivos in The Riviera Maya

Colectivos is a known name for minivans that travel from city to city making stops along the way.  Taking the highway along all resorts and stopping at high way entrance.  The word “Colectivo” comes from collecting people and each van usually doesn’t leave until it’s almost full or full.  It’s a very cheap way of traveling with locals and hotel workers.  The only thing is that sometimes it is hard to catch a Colectivo on the highway to get back.  Sometimes they come pack from one or the other endpoint of their route.  Making it hard to catch a ride back.   On high season and at pick hours of the day better to take the bus, private transportation or rent a car.

Bicycle Rental

If you are just staying in the city of Playa del Carmen and going closer distances.   You can rent a bicycle and enjoy a ride through the city streets or to the beach area.  Just watch out where you leave the bicycle and make sure it’s well locked since there is a lot of them that get stolen in the area.  Some of the rental companies have insurance to be purchased to protect you from these incidents.

Scooter Rental

Longer medium-distance traveling you can rent a scooter and ride alone or with someone on the back.  They are great especially to move around on the island of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.  But they are also great to go around the city and closer to cities like Playa del Carmen to Akumal and Puerto Aventura.

Car Rental

In Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, there are different car rental companies with different car options.  Jeeps to have an all-wheel-drive convertible drive by the beach and highway. A regular car to take your group around the beaches, and areas and to visit other cities around. Or a Luxury Car to show up at your restaurant reservation for an all-high-end experience.

Keep in mind the traffic laws and signs and in case you get pulled over, do not be nervous, let the cop give you the options and usually, you can get away with a warning.

Playa del Carmen Transportation Services

Let us know your transportation needs and we can organize your perfect trip.  Do you want limousine services?  Looking for private transportation from the Airport? Or Looking to go on a private tour?  We can help