Riviera Maya Private Tours

Riviera Maya Private Tours

Enjoy all of the Riviera Maya on your own time with Riviera Maya private tours.  Check out some of the top and best hand-picked private tours for your group here.

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  1. Snorkeling with turtles

  2. Tulum beach area and ruins,

    • Tulum ruins are amazing historical landmarks for all ages.  Used by Mayans as a communication crossing point to Cozumel with smoke signals to be able to cross safely.  You can also rent a boat in Tulum to explore the waters that the Mayans used to carry food to Cozumel on their wooden boats.  See the ruins from the ocean with the amazing scenery of the beach.  Also the jungle area or sunset with your special someone.  Snorkeling in the area is also great with turtles and manta rays and all-inclusive options.
  3. Isla Mujeres

    • Another place with so much beauty and culture.  Some people say that boat crews would bring lovers they had outside their marriages to keep them there and visit them on their boat trips.  Which would have given the name to the island “Isla Mujeres”  Crossing from Cancun on a ferry is an option to get there or doing a private yacht rental in Cancun to Isla Mujeres is a better option to enjoy the day with drinks, friends, and food included.
  4. Dos Ojos Cenote

    • Visit Cenote dos ojos for an Mayan culturral experience and hostorical ground. Whether snorkeling, swimming, or diving, you will enjoy the amazing cave formations and underground rivers of the region.  Mayans considered the cenotes as a passage to the underworld and they conducted ceremonies and cleansings before entering.
  5. Chichen-Itza

    • we wouldn’t leave this wonder of the world out of our list.  You are probably familiar with it as one of the most popular Indian sites in the area and around the world.  All of the studies of the Mayans and their culture come together on one site.  with private tours and non-private excursions to get the best out of this place.
  6. El Cielo

    • Snorkeling with starfish at el “Cielo” whether a private boat trip from Playa del Carmen area to Cozumel or a nonprivate tour leaving from Cozumel.  El Cielo is a great place for snorkeling with turquoise waters and a highly populated area of starfish.